For Shipowners

It is widely acknowledged that the first few minutes of a piracy attack are the most vital. SSRS buys you time. As soon as the alert button on your ship is pushed, the alert is directed to a military response unit.

The key benefits of SSRS for shipowners and operators are:

  • Time… critical response time is reduced

  • Peace of mind… your CSO can react to the alert knowing that the naval
    forces in the area have been alerted

  • Crew welfare… your seafarers will know that their security is your priority

  • Proactive planning… SSRS is easily integrated into existing ISPS Ship
    Security Plans and Best Management Practice procedures

  • Economic and immediately effective it builds on existing onboard
    technology so costs are minimal

  • Ease of use Once you have registered, SSRS enables online subscription within minutes

For a brief introduction on how SSRS works, download here (28mb).
(Please note that this powerpoint presentation lasts around 8 minutes and has an audio narration.)

Sign up

Register company Register vessels Subscribe vessels Re-program SSAS Test SSAS
Register your company free
of charge and receive username and password for your SSRS account.
Register vessels free of charge
to your SSRS account, ready for subscription.
Subscribe vessels, as required, using online payment or prepaid code. Follow simple procedures to route SSAS alerts to SSRS. Confirm your SSAS setup with free testing.

Subscription costs

Annual subscription
To reduce administrative time and costs, we offer an annual subscription for only USD 500 per vessel per year. Once subscribed, you won't need to review or re-subscribe every time you are passing through an area of high risk, the system is designed to interpret your vessel's location at the time of alert, and then send it on to the specific naval authority responsible for that location.

To assist with the management of subscriptions, a reminder will be sent a month before a subscription is due to end.

Distribution network
For ease of purchase in your own time zone or local currency, we have a network of over 40 distributors and service centres worldwide. You can also discuss any hardware or SSAS system upgrades with them. Please click here to find your local distributor.

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